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Inspiration: Lights for a private party
Light up your party with our custom-made LED Neon
Bar Noir – Brugge
Stunning ambience with red LED Neon
Heavenly – Knokke
A combination to light up your day
Juju – Oostkamp
Stunning new acrylic neon lights up kids store in Oostkamp
Get Inspired: Marriage
Find inspiration here to give your wedding celebration that extra spark.
Must Have – Assouline
Captivating neon for captivating reads.
Champs – Ghent
We've crafted a stunning glass neon rendition of their CHAMPS logo, adding an extra layer of sophistication and uniqueness to the shop's ambiance.
Coco Gelato
A wonderful & incredible original ice-cream concept in the heart of Bruges.

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Start crafting your one-of-a-kind neon creation today and illuminate your world in style!

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