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Artsy Impact

My name is Charlotte Wybo.  A sportive and creative soul with a dream.  My dream is to create objects & artwork that make you happy.

In early 2018 I traveled a lot and I discovered the neon world in major shops, shopping mals, parties etc. I discovered there was a gap in the market for accessible, creative and affordable & kid-safe neon signs & lightboxes. I looked for a safe neon for the birthday party of my daughter and fell in love with the led neon signs.

Until today Artsy Impact continues to grow across industries, demographics and geographical borders. The brand has modernized the way people feel about neon look LED lights and the impact and versatility that LED neon lighting brings to any space.

All neons and lights are handmade with love, precision and passion.

What we do

Brightning lives

We create stunning LED neon, glass neon (on demand) & lightboxes for light art, a wide variety of eye-catching business signs, beautiful wedding name signs, personalized neon signs as gifts, customized neon home decor, and photo worthy LED neon signs for parties and events.

All of our signs, sculptures, wall art and lamps are handcrafted using flexible LED. For the neon, mounted on clear acrylic backboards, stands or boxes. LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, safer, and lighter than glass neon products. Our Artsy Impact neon & lightboxes create an incredible visual impact for your walls.

We create to personalize your home interior, to bring more atmosphere to your parties, to distinguish your office walls and to create a higher shopping experience. ARSTY IMPACT neon & lightboxes are the right choice!

Why Choose for Artsy?

Our philosophy

  • Our Passion for Creative Lighting

    Do you also struggle in finding the right supplier for your creative lightning ?  Far too often, very unpersonal, no creativity and on top of that much too expensive.

    A personal approach is what makes us different than other suppliers.  We listen to your specific needs and requirements.  What budget do you have available, which color suits best and what sizes are possible.

    I am passionate about delivering you a striking and personalized design. A design that reflects your vision and your business. And on top of that, a design that is sustainable.

  • The Team of Specialized Lighting Experts

    For every type of lighting, we collaborate with specialists who combine craftsmanship and creativity to deliver the best results and to bring your vision of light.

    At Artsy Impact we close the gap between you, the customer and the neon (light) maker. We take care of all the technical aspects and know-how in order to ensure that the route is as short and correct as possible without any frustration.

  • Personalized Service Tailored to You

    Personalized service is central. We take the time to listen to your needs. We are happy to offer our advice to ensure that your project fits you perfectly.

    We take care of all the technical aspects and know-how needed to ensure that the route is as short and correct as possible without any frustration.

    We send you a short questionaire to list some simple but importing things before we start our journey.

    You can book a free discovery meeting to discuss the design and the flow of the creation and production

  • Affordable Pricing with High-Quality

    We believe in fair prices for high-quality lighting. Our focus is on providing value and quality that fits within your budget.

    There are neon lights and lightboxes for every budget.  So please don’t be shy to book a meeting to know more about it.

  • Guidance and Support Throughout the Process

    We guide you step by step through the process, from concept to installation. You can rely on our personal and professional advice to make the right choices for your lighting.

  • Peace of Mind from Start to Finish

    Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Every time.


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If so, let’s join forces! Contact us today to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. We’re excited to work together to illuminate new possibilities.

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Inspiration: Lights for a private party
Light up your party with our custom-made LED Neon
Bar Noir – Brugge
Stunning ambience with red LED Neon
Heavenly – Knokke
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