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Artsy impact

In early 2018 I travelled a lot and I discovered the neon world in major shops, shoppingmals, parties etc. But there was a gap in the market for accessible, creative and affordable & kid safe neonsigns & lightboxes. I looked for a safe neon for the birthday party of my daughter and fell in love with the led neon signs. 

Untill today Artsy Impact has continued to grow across industries, demographics and geographical borders. The brand has modernized the way people feel about neon look LED lights and the impact and versatility that LED neon lighting brings to any space.

What we do

Brightning lives

We create stunning LED neon, glass neon (on demand) & lightboxes for light art, a wide variety of eye-catching business signs, beautiful wedding name signs, personalized neon signs as gifts, customized neon home decor, and photo worthy LED neon signs for parties and events. 

All of our signs, sculptures, wall art and lamps are handcrafted using flexible LED. For the neon, mounted on clear acrylic backboards, stands or boxes. LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, safer, and lighter than glass neon products. Our Artsy Impact neon & lightboxes create an incredible visual impact for your walls.

We create to personalize your home interior, to bring more atmosphere to your parties, to distinguish your office walls and to create a higher shopping experience. ARSTY IMPACT neon & lightboxes are the right choice!

Why choose Artsy?

Our philosophy
We offer the latest neon flex technology which is stronger and lighter than glass neon.
Our neon lighted signs are both economical and ecologically friendly. They have low-energy consumption and a 50,000+ hour lifespan.

Our custom LED signs are made from neon LED light tubes that are kid-safe. There is no breakable glass and the LED lights do not heat up, so they are safe to touch.

All of our ARTSY IMPACT lights come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.
Our ARTSY IMPACT signs are very hardwearing and easy to clean.
Our custom designed ARTSY IMPACT signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect as neon signs for weddings, unique signs for bedroom decor, and highly individual gift ideas.

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Design your own

Your creation is our passion

The classic moody neon we all love and adore.

Neon designs that stick on metal. Stick it to the man!

Brand your company building with a lightbox.

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